• Contribute to the development of Nepal through the exchange of global experiences on human resource, agriculture, energy, tourism, education, health, environment and information technologies.

  • To improve health, agriculture and engineering practices of most vulnerable communities of earthquake affected areas through an integrative and collaborative approach.

  • With a vision of healthy society, support for preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services

  • Support for development of a society without any discrimination in the form of gender and ethnicity

  • Help for social construction, development and expansion through new scientific technology by mobilizing the target groups

  • Increase access to communication to ensure the right to information

  • Exchange of volunteer/experts from inside and outside of the country to share knowledge and experiences

  • Help to bridge the gap between the generations as well as to contribute to the right of elderly people

  • provide supplementary services in the hard to reach areas of Nepal government

  • Transform abroad knowledge and experiences to the development of Nepal.

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